🔍Read Full Article Sir David King

Sir David King

i-MAGAZINE talks to Sir David King, Director of the SSEE (Smith School of Enterprise and Environment)

What exactly does the SSEE do? The Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment is a unique institution committed to combining academic, government and business thinking in the search for practical and innovative solutions to the complex environmental challenges of our time. Our belief is that a proactive and collaborative approach is required which engages private enterprise and the public sector with the best academic minds across a wide range of disciplines if we are to overcome

🔍Read Full Article Andy Warhol: Face Time

Andy Warhol: Face Time

By Adrian Townsend,

Artists often act as soothsayers, fortune-tellers, harbingers of the future and so it was that Andy Warhol foretold our culture's everyday obsession with celebrity. For we are all now living in the very era prophesied by his mantra: "In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes," an ideal embodied by Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. Warhol loved fame, notoriety, every crass aspect of mass media, his life was devoted to a self-professed esthetic

🔍Read Full Article Baroness Arianne de Rothschild

Baroness Arianne de Rothschild

Interview with Switzerland’s most powerful female banker Baroness de Rothschild,

She is Switzerland’s most powerful lady banker, Baroness Arriane De Rothschild occupies the second highest position in the Edmond De Rothschild group, i-MAGAZINE decided to get to know her better. The Rothschild dynasty has a new face and it belongs to a woman, Ariane de Rothschild, wife of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. A seasoned financier, the ‘‘banker’s wife’’ has become the lady banker of the Edmond de Rothschild Group since 2008, when she was elected to

🔍Read Full Article Our Coalition Government

Our Coalition Government

By Baroness Warnock

The most captivating political moment for me, came far back in 2010, it was the election it was strictly a spectator sport. Being a member of the House of Lords, I had no vote; being an independent cross-bencher within the House I had no party. But it was the least boring election I can remember, except that of 1945, the first in which I voted. Immediately before the dissolution of Parliament things had been very boring

🔍Read Full Article Interview: Baroness Scotland QC

Interview: Baroness Scotland QC

Interview by Hattie Garlick and the photo by Nancy Honey.

1955 Born in Dominica, the tenth of twelve siblings Emigrated to East London aged three 1991 Became the UK’s first female black QC 1997 Made a Labour peer and becomes Baroness Scotland of Asthal 1999 First black woman to serve as a government minister 2007 First female Attorney General My father was the greatest feminist I ever knew. I didn’t realise it until I discovered that other women thought they weren’t capable of things. There were seven boys in my family

🔍Read Full Article Interview: Lydia Vladimirskaya, Founder, BRIC Magazine

Interview: Lydia Vladimirskaya, Founder, BRIC Magazine

Interview with Lydia Vladimirskaya, founder of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) Magazine

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your connections with the BRIC countries? I was born in Moscow, Russia so obviously I am well aware of the cultural and economic movements from this BRIC nation, but I have lived in many cities all over to world and in a way, see myself as an international local. I love the idea that in today's society we can be exposed to so many cultures and what I

🔍Read Full Article The Earl of Home – The Queen’s Banker

The Earl of Home – The Queen’s Banker

The Queens Banker – i-MAGAZINE sits down with the Earl of Home, the Chairman of private bank Coutts & Co.

Q. You have been Chairman of Coutts since 1999. What attracted you to the company? What has changed over that time? Anyone who knew anything about banks in the 1990s knew that Coutts had a supreme brand name. I had contact with Coutts before because I had some clients in my then bank that also banked at Coutts and had been greatly impressed. As I arrived, Coutts were embarking on “segmentation”, grouping the clients into categories

🔍Read Full Article The Devil at Missolonghi – ”The Lord Byron Syndrome”

The Devil at Missolonghi – ”The Lord Byron Syndrome”

By Henry Hopwood-Phillips

Many things need to remain unconscious and just 'done' (as opposed to consciously contemplated) to remain alive. Call it 'Byron syndrome'... When, you try and seize on something, as Byron did on Greece, what was once just a way, a feeling, a BEING becomes a shell, something comprehended, its parameters fixed and therefore reduced to the status of an instrument. Byron, therefore, didn't fall as Constantine XI fell, totally immersed and utterly Byzantine; Byron died with

🔍Read Full Article Invest with an entrepreneurial spirit

Invest with an entrepreneurial spirit

By Nathalie Dauriac-Stoebe, founder & CEO, Signia Wealth

Entrepreneurs have a unique approach to their investments. They have a certain flair and hunger which means they tend to want a deeper level of involvement in how their money is managed and invested. I believe that all investors can learn from how successful entrepreneurs approach their investments. Having moved from a secure position at a large institution to set up Signia, I can fully empathise with entrepreneurs having become one myself. I started Signia Wealth,

🔍Read Full Article The high Priest of advertising on how the industry can ADAPT

The high Priest of advertising on how the industry can ADAPT

By Antje Doel,

The IPA is the professional body for advertising, media and marketing communications agencies in the United Kingdom. Their role is two-fold: to provide essential core support services to its 300 agency members who are key players in the UK’s £16.7bn advertising, media and marketing communications industry; and to act as the industry spokesperson and thought leader. Ian Priest, Founding Partner of VCCP and International Managing Director of Chime took over as President of the IPA in April

🔍Read Full Article Interview – Ed Olver

Interview – Ed Olver

Chief Executive Britannia Elevation Capital, Co-Founder and Director, British Polo Day

Tell us a little about your background From a young age, I was fortunate enough to travel widely and quickly learnt to adapt to life in the far-flung corners of the world: Australia, UAE, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Italy and Switzerland. As a grandson of a Spitfire pilot and son of an expatriate, I had an early sense of adventure! I started my career at Deutsche Bank, moving on to Red Bull, The Royal Academy of Arts

🔍Read Full Article Obama’s foreign economic policy, so far…

Obama’s foreign economic policy, so far…

By Mathew Davies

In contrast to its predecessor, the current administration is prepared to support significant changes to, and regulation of international institutions. By means of calculated risk and pragmatic statecraft, deliverables are on the horizon, however, there is more to be done. Barack Obama was elected at a particularly tempestuous time, and foreign economic policy (FEP) was no exception. Gripped by domestic and foreign vulnerabilities, the ballooning trade imbalance and widening deficit were, and unfortunately still are, threateningly

🔍Read Full Article Britain and the Middle East: an historical perspective

Britain and the Middle East: an historical perspective

By Lord Hylton

Now is the time to take stock of Britain’s policy as regards the Middle East. In regards to The Arab Spring, the changes underway in Tunisia and Egypt, the conflicts that have taken and are still taking place in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, demand no less than a thorough re-examination. The Burden of the Past We should remember that the last hundred years bring with them a burden of errors and misjudgements.  The First World War

🔍Read Full Article Prime Central London is always the hot topic of conversation – when is the right time to invest in London, where and why?

Prime Central London is always the hot topic of conversation – when is the right time to invest in London, where and why?

By James Bailey, CEO – Henry & James

There have been plenty of headlines recently on the state of the London property market, one minute it is peaking, the next it is surging uncontrollably. By saying the market has “peaked” implies that prices will decline and there is no sign of that in 2014, it is most certainly on the rise. This year has got off to a busy start for us, firstly we’re up 8% on the first quarter of 2013 and

🔍Read Full Article Baroness Shirley Williams (Biography)

Baroness Shirley Williams (Biography)

By Mark Peel,

During a discussion marking the death of Margaret Thatcher in April 2012, the journalist and broadcaster Andrew Neil turned to Shirley Williams, the Liberal Democrat peer and former Labour Cabinet minister, and asked her why Thatcher had beaten her in the race to become Britain’s first female prime minister. It was a pertinent question because for many years Shirley had been everybody’s favourite to gain that particular accolade. Five years the younger of the two, Shirley’s